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Acute and Chronic Laryngitis Treatment

Laryngitis is an inflammation of your voice box and can present in both Acute and Chronic forms.

What are the types of laryngitis?

Laryngitis can affect people of every age and gender. There are two main types of laryngitis: Acute laryngitis and chronic laryngitis.

Acute Laryngitis Acute viral infection is a mild condition that lasts for a period of 3 to 7 days. There are non-infectious causes and more serious conditions that can present with acute laryngeal symptoms. The most common cause of acute laryngitis is viral upper respiratory infection (URI). It is important to treat the condition before it becomes chronic

Chronic Laryngitis If acute laryngitis is not treated at the right time, then it takes the form of chronic laryngitis. Chronic laryngitis lasts for more than 3 weeks, and causes can include other serious illnesses such as an autoimmune disorder.

Causes of chronic laryngitis can include smoking, infection, acid reflux, excessive alcohol intake, exposure to chemicals and dust that cause irritation

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Symptoms of acute laryngitis:
  •  Dysphonia (hoarseness of the voice)
  •  Fever (during the first few days of infection)
  •  Sore throat
  •  A need to clear the throat frequently
  •  A cough
Symptoms of chronic laryngitis:
  •  excess mucus
  •  a persistent cough
  •  difficulty swallowing
  •  the feeling of a lump in the throat
  •  loss of voice

How long does laryngitis last?

It is depend on the type of laryngitis you have. Acute laryngitis comes on rapidly and can last for up to two weeks. On the other hand, chronic laryngitis can last for weeks and sometime for months.

Acute Laryngitis Treatment

A person can often treat acute symptoms at home, such as by plenty of rest, staying hydrated, Avoidance of irritants and drinking fluids.

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acute laryngitis treatment

chronic laryngitis treatment

Chronic Laryngitis Treatment

Treatment depends on the source of the problem. Treatment usually involves adequate rest and hydration, but some cases, may require medication.

Take Flanax Pain Reliever Tablets to reduce inflammation of the voice box and Flanax Throat Lozenges to soothe the sore throat. But consult with your doctor first if your condition has lasted longer than 3 weeks.

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